On February 1, 2019, CBS’ Director Dr. Joyce Tu, along with CBS’ Clinical Director, Dr. Shaji Haq, Assistant Director Ronald Moreno, Behavior Consultant Justin Chan, Dr. Fahad Alrasheed and Technician Juan Rafael, presented two original behavior analytic research studies in a poster session as part of the California Association for Applied Behavior Analysis (CalABA) 37th Annual Western Regional Conference in Long Beach. 

CBS’ latest scientific research studies are entitled, “Behavioral Treatment of Problem Behavior Evoked by Bodily Sounds in an Adult with Autism,” and “Assessment and Treatment of Problem Behavior Displayed by an Individual Diagnosed with Autism and Obesity.”  This was on the heels of Dr. Haq’s most recent peer-reviewed article, “Comparison of Traditional and Embedded DTT on Problem Behavior and Responding to Instructional Targets,” published last month in Behavior Analysis in Practice.  An interview of Dr. Haq and Juan Rafael by Autism Live during the poster session is available here (starting at 40:55).

CalABA is the primary clearinghouse for research and training in behavior analysis in the Western Region of the United States, dedicated to advancing, promoting and protecting the science and practice of behavior analysis. CalABA’s annual conference features renowned researchers and clinicians, and is widely regarded as the top regional conference on behavior analysis in the United States. Dr. Tu is the past president of the CalABA Board of Directors, having served on the board for 10 years, and CBS is a regular CalABA contributor.

CBS is proud of its ongoing contributions to the field of applied behavior analysis, as scientific researchers as well as practitioners. We are also deeply grateful to all study participants!  If you’re interested in learning more about the CBS team or our services, please check out our webpage or feel free to contact us!

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