On April 6, 2019, CBS San Diego staff attended the 15th annual Race for Autism in Balboa Park with over 20,000 others.   The race, presented by National Foundation for Autism Research, has become a tradition for CBS staff.   This year alone, over $125,000 in total donations were raised, helping to support local autism programs, services, parent support and educational initiatives.   And just as important as raising money, we love to show that we’re in this together!

At CBS, we’re serious about volunteering!   CBS staff donate their time and resources to organizations and events like the B.F. Skinner Foundation, the Race for Autism, the Autism Speaks Walk, Best Buddies, and many others every year.   If you’re interested in making a difference in your community or learning more about the CBS team or our services, please check out our employment page or feel free to contact us!

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