On Saturday, September 29th, we celebrated Center for Behavioral Sciences’ 14th anniversary and the grand opening of our new 4,100 sq. foot Irvine office, with a gathering of clients and staff!  Our new main office is just across the street from CBS’ Intensive Treatment Center.  It features five large treatment rooms (including a dedicated space for social skills groups for autism) and conference facilities for workshops, as well as for parent and staff training.   

At the party, CBS staff started a new tradition with the “Wall of Publications,” featuring peer-reviewed publications by CBS’ Director, Dr. Joyce Tu, Clinical Director, Dr. Shaji Haq, and an up-and-coming CBS clinical staffer (soon-to-be Behavior Consultant), Dr. Fahad Alresheed.  It’s exciting to work with people so driven to advance the science of behavior analysis, and so dedicated to CBS’ primary mission:  To enrich the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities through cutting-edge, research-driven behavior analytic services!  

If you’d like to learn more about CBS’ services, or to visit us at any of our four offices (or to check out the famed “Wall”), please feel free to contact us!  We hope to see you soon!!